Monday, December 7, 2015

New On Our Reading List: Critter Tales

Leigh Tate's new book, Critter Tales, is out! 

In it, she chronicles her first-hand experiences with many types of livestock on her five-acre quasi-rural homestead in the southern Appalachian mountains. If you read Leigh's blog, you know that she is working to maximize self-sufficiency for herself, her husband, and their animals. Most of her livestock-related posts are on goats, chickens, and more recently, bees, but the book also covers llamas, pigs, guinea fowl, guard dogs, and farm cats.  

We're regular readers of Leigh's blog because she does very good research and combines that research with valuable insight from her own experiences. We're definitely looking forward to reading her new book.  

In the interest of full disclosure, we're helping her promote the book partly because we're hoping to win a copy.  The other part is because we dig her stuff and think you would, too.  If you're interested in winning a copy yourself, check out her announcement post for more info.

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