Sunday, January 27, 2013

HARK! (Ham Apples Rice Kale)

If there's one thing we can't stand, it's throwing out food, even if that just means it's going to our tiny herd of livestock (about 2,000 head of worms).  Last night, we had some leftover ham roast Katie made with roasted root veggies the night before.  As it turns out, we also had some apples and kale in the fridge threatening to spoil.  It's probably been known since caveman times that ham and apples go together, but kale?  Seemed like it could work.  We sauteed the kale, added the chopped apples and ham.  It made for a nice colorful skillet, if nothing else.

Cheesy rice and lentils made up the base of this food pyramid.  Seasoned with salt and pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, caraway and dried basil, with shredded jack cheese melting into a creamy delicious mortar for the tiny grain and bean bricks. It was one of those meals where you finish eating and know you'll be useless the rest of the night (in a good way).  Mmmmm.  Full recipe below.

1.5 c long grain brown rice
0.25 c lentils
3 c water or broth (if broth, omit oil below)
1.5 t ground pepper
1.5 t salt
1.5 t garlic powder
1.5 t onion powder
1 T dried crushed basil
1.5 c shredded jack cheese
1 T olive oil or other lipid

2 apples, diced
1 lb cooked ham roast, diced
3 c chopped kale
1 T olive oil or other lipid

Cook rice and lentils in water, adding seasonings, cheese, and oil when water has been absorbed.   Meanwhile, saute the kale in the other tablespoon of lipid, adding diced apple and ham once the kale is wilted.  Serve the kale mixture on a pile of the cheesy rice.  Make plans to not do anything after supper.

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