Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Cherry Pitter Hack for Nanking Cherries

It's generally accepted among scientists that Nanking cherries evolved to be smaller than regular cherries so that standard-size cherry pitters wouldn't work on them. The rationale is that the smaller size would cause humans to be less likely to collect them, and as a result, Nanking cherry seeds would be spread further and wider by birds and squirrels. (Don't bother looking that up, we only surveyed household scientists.)

Fortunately, humans are capable of evolving as well, and have now provably adapted to allow efficient predation on Nanking cherries.  Evidence: a primitive modified cherry pitter tool.  Fortunately for future archeologists, the development of the tool was captured in this equally primitive blog post.

Glass with Nanking cherries
We picked nearly a cup of these tasty-dactyls last week.

Nanking cherry in cherry pitter
But they're too small for our cherry pitter!

Washer in cherry pitter
Rummaging around in the garage, we found a washer that fits inside the cherry pitter, with a small enough inner diameter to hold the Nanking cherries but large enough to still let the plunger through.

Pitted Nanking cherries
From the batch we collected, there were no survivors.

Nanking cherries on ice cream
We shall honor their passing with great reverence...and plenty of ice cream.  (We also scattered the pits through the chicken pasture so the Nanking cherries, as a species, don't get too mad at us. Ahh, symbiosis!)

How do you process Nanking (or other small) cherries?

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