Thursday, January 15, 2015

Feed Bag Archery Target

As we were stacking our chicken feed bags in the trash can the other day, something sparked a memory.  These bags looked like something we had seen before, a long time ago.  Something useful and quite durable, but not particularly attractive.  Not a Survivaball...but wait! That's it!  The old rag bag archery target!  Well, here we had a large supply of bags; we just needed some rags and we'd be in the business of converting two items destined for the trash can into a useful stopping point for flying arrows.  Or at least, making the route to the trash can more circuitous.

It just so happens we also had quite a supply of rags.  Either Katie is a little behind on her quilting projects, or she thinks old, holey pairs of underpants don't make good quilts.  Either way, this bin of rags is quite available for projects like makeshift archery targets.

They almost all fit into an empty feed bag, but not quite.  Even with pushing and punching and jumping on top, one 10-gallon tote full of rags is still slightly too much for a 40-lb feed bag.

Admitting defeat, we sewed up the top with old fishing line.

When it's sewed back up, it looks close to new!  Think we could return it to the store? 

There's a pattern on the front with lots of things to aim at, but just to make it more relevant to our own situation, we added some artwork.  Katie says, "Gee, Jake, you should probably quit your day job and become a professional squirrel drawer."

Any squirrels reading this, take note!  While we can't legally hunt you in our backyard, we are not afraid to shoot arrows at your likeness!  And we will, if you try to steal our strawberries.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

What do you do with old feed bags and old rags?  Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. Old cotton rags tend to feed our bee smoker. Others are used like paper towels, especially for messes that will be too gunky to allow cleaning and reuse of the rag. We tend to accumulate rags faster than we use them too, though.

    1. Ahh, the bee smoker! That's a good idea. Maybe the key to using them up as fast as they accumulate is to keep getting more bees until the system is balanced! :-)