Thursday, July 11, 2013

Look what Katie made!

Sometimes Katie likes to organize stuff.  The other day she made an organizer thingy for the wall.  It looks pretty neat.

She started out with a picture frame and took away everything but the frame.  Then she cut a piece of hardware cloth (0.25"), a piece of cork board, and a ribbon to fit in the frame.  She uses it like a big fly swatter--see all the big shiny bugs she caught?  Just kidding--those are tiny reflectors that she uses to attract crows and raccoons.
She fit the ribbon and the corkboard in where it was supposed to go, then she stapled the hardware cloth into place.
Then she took the cardboard backing that came with the frame and cut it to be the same size as the hardware cloth.  She didn't like the look of the cardboard, so she glued fancy paper on one side and poked two little holes on one end.
The holes are for little wires that fix the cardboard piece to the hardware cloth.  She made the wires longer at first so it would be easy to get through the holes, then trimmed them off so it looks better.  In case you couldn't tell, the cardboard from the previous picture is black on the back side.
Once everything was in place, she folded down the little tabs on the frame to hold everything in place.
Then she hung it on the wall!  She uses it to organize her fishing lures and other stuff.  She says the hardware cloth part is good for ones with long hooks, and the cork part is good for pokey ones without long hooks.

What do you use to organize stuff on your walls? How else have you combined hardware cloth and picture frames?  Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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