Thursday, March 14, 2013

Green Eggs and Nog

Back in February, we posited that every month should have a holiday that can be rightfully celebrated with eggnog.  What should be that holiday in March? There's quite a few good options, including Middle Name Pride Day, Learn About Butterflies Day, and Bunsen Burner Day.  In the end, however, we had to go with St. Paddy's Day because...well, Poultry Day was too obvious, and if ham goes with green eggs, corned beast must go with green eggnog. (Right?)  OK, you could argue that this year, Easter is in March, and since eggnog is sold commercially around Easter, March is already covered.  However, Easter doesn't always fall in March, so we definitely need a backup.  And, we also wanted an excuse to make green eggnog.

The basic recipe is the same as for 'Hog Nog, but hold off on the spices this time around.  Once you have the eggs, milk, and sugar mixed together, set that mix aside and get out your spinach!  We recently saw a recipe for green frosting that uses spinach for color and apparently doesn't impart any flavor.  Apparently it's possible to borrow the chlorophyll color without getting the spinach flavor, too, which is pretty awesome.  So, we hypothesized that we could also apply it to our Nog!

Follow the procedures for 'Hog Nog, using the recipe below,  until you get to this point (egg yolks beaten, milk and sugar added and mixed in).  For the current recipe, we made a half recipe, so in the following pictures, the bowl will be half as full.
Measure out two cups of spinach (for our half recipe).
Mix the spinach and the Nog until it looks homogeneous (no little chunks of spinach floating around).  It will probably be nice and green and taste a little bit like spinach.  An immersion blender works nicely for this.  Add 1-2 teaspoons of peppermint extract (or peppermint taste) and stir again.  After adding the peppermint, we couldn't taste the spinach at all.
That's all there is too it!  This beverage is best enjoyed in our lucky canning jar mugs (we think).
6 Egg yolks
3 c milk
1/3 c sugar
2 c spinach
1-2 t peppermint extract

Beat egg yolks until bright yellow and stiff.  Add milk and sugar, mix well.  Add spinach and mix with immersion blender until homogeneous.  Add peppermint extract and mix well.

Disclaimer: This recipe uses raw eggs, which might contain harmful bacteria--consume at your own risk and don't sue us if you get sick!


  1. Interesting color! I suppose the spinach imparts a few healthy vitamins as well. Though I am pretty sure your mom might have mentioned you shouldn't eat raw eggs...I know lots of people do consume raw eggs in lots of ways: egg nog, raw cookie dough, even some Rocky-type power atheletic drinks. And some how all these people live to tell about it. Some even LIKE to eat stuff with raw eggs. To me it falls into the same category as eating steak rare. Can't quite do it. In one of your experiments you could try making egg nog with not raw eggs? And compare the results!

    1. I do vaguely remember being chastised for eating raw eggs...but I also remember being encouraged to try new things. I guess the latter must have seemed more important. :-) The first batch of eggnog we ever made (back in Roseville) we tried doing a cooked eggnog, but I remember it being hard to get the temperature high enough to sterilize it without denaturing the egg and milk protein (i.e. it got kind of chunky). But we could try it again. Anything to help out our loyal readers! :-)

    2. Mom might have to be content that while neither of her children paid great attention to the whole raw egg/steak debate, both of them are still alive to tell the tales of their woefully uneventful childhood full of sneaking cookie dough. But I'll second the request to find a non-raw (unraw? de-rawed?) eggnog recipe, while complimenting you on your always creative culinary skills (Katie, do you concur on the lack of spinach-taste??).